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HVLA Watercraft Sticker Request Form
If you already have a GREEN Sticker with your LOT # already, you do not need to complete this form.

Contact a gatekeeper to put your watercraft on the lake.

If watercraft is deemed compliant, a visual inspection of the watercraft will be conducted and stickers will be provided if it meets the HVLA Form - WCS-G (Watercraft Sticker Guidelines). Please see link below.

*Should a watercraft be denied, notification will be provided including why the team is denying the request. Resident will have an opportunity to correct issues or provide support in support of the original request.

If you are purchasing a boat from someone else on the lake, YOU WILL NEED TO REQUEST A NEW STICKER WITH YOUR CORRECT LOT #.

Please refer back to the HVLA FORM-WCS-G Watercraft Sticker Guidelines form when filling out the below information needed.


Thanks! This form will be sent to a volunteer who will do their best to acknowledge receipt of your request within 24 hours. This does not mean stickers will be issued within that 24 hour period.

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