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Currently the Board is in transition with issuing Watercraft Stickers 

Please contact Chris Mellott at 531-389-1794 or a Board member

New HVLA Watercraft Sticker Procedures for 2022


New and Replacement sticker requests may be requested by clicking on this link:

When you hit the SEND button on the last page of the form, the inspection team will acknowledge receipt of your request within 24 hours. This does not mean stickers will be issued within that 24 hour period.

The following will be needed when requesting stickers:

New Watercraft Requests (Includes trailer where applicable)

·        Name of Resident

·        Current HVLA Address (Lot # if known)

·        A copy of the current Registration (Include trailer if Applicable)

·        Type of watercraft: Pontoon, Inboard/outboard boat, outboard boat, PWC (Jetski)


Upon review of the above. If watercraft is deemed compliant, a visual inspection of the watercraft will be conducted and stickers to be provided if it meets lake safety regulations. 

*Should a watercraft be denied, notification will be provided including why the team is denying the request. Resident will have an opportunity to correct issues or provide support in support of the original request.


Replacement Stickers will need to provide the following:

·        Name of Resident

·        Current HVLA Address (Lot # if known)

·        A copy of the current Registration (Include trailer if Applicable)

·        Watercraft information for sticker renewal (Year, Make, Model)



STATE OF NEBRASKA ADMINISTRATIVE CODE, Title 163 - NE GAME & PARKS COMMISSION BOATING REGULATIONS (Chapter 3). Specific regulations pertaining to Hawaiian Village are outlined in section 015.02G.


The following are boating safety rules applying to Hawaiian Village. These rules have been approved by the HVLA Board and Hawaiian Village Safety Committee.

  1. It is prohibited to commence skiing, drop skiers, ski outside the wake, or in any way hinder traffic in the "narrows" (between Hilo and Maui Circles).

  2. All boating and skiing will be in a counter-clockwise direction.

  3. All boats towing water skiers must have rearview mirrors.

  4. Boats must not follow a skier closer than 200 feet.

  5. All boats and skiers must remain a minimum of 50 feet from the docks and/or shore.

  6. Boats must not operate between a downed skier and his/her boat.

  7. Tow lines may not be towed in the water for more than 300 feet. Lines must be stored in the boat when the skier comes aboard.

  8. The boat of a downed skier should turn into shore to pick up the skier.

  9. Ski boats shall be limited to a maximum of two skiers.

  10. Skiing in coves is prohibited.

  11. No tires, inner tubes, etc. are to be towed behind boats and used in place of water skis or sleds.

  12. All boats operating on the lake must comply with all Hawaiian Village safety rules as well as regulations established by the State of Nebraska.

  13. All boats must display the Owner's lot number in a visible position on the starboard aft (right rear) side.

  14. All power boats must have a Hawaiian Village sticker placed in a visible position on the starboard aft (right rear) side. Stickers can be obtained from the Hawaiian Village Safety Committee.

  15. To maintain safety for participants, boats may be restricted during special events as deemed necessary by the Hawaiian Village Lake Association Board of Directors.

  16. Only one power boat shall be permitted in the water from each lot.

  17. Inboard/outboard motors are allowed. No jet boats are allowed. Jet powered watercraft classified as jet skis and inboards approved by the American Water Ski Association (AWSA approved ski boat list) shall be allowed to operate on the lake. All motorized watercraft operating on the lake must comply with all Hawaiian Village Safety Regulations as pertained to boats.


The following boat lengths are approved [see Hawaiian Village Safety Regulations for complete information]:

  • Inboard/Outboard and Outboards: Maximum length of 18 feet (as per manufacturer's specified hull length).

  • Pontoons: Maximum length of 22 feet (as per manufacturers specified hull length). Maximum of 40 horse power engine.



  • Boat speed limit is 35 MPH

  • Boat speed limit (when Hawaiian Village street lights are lit) NO WAKE

  • Boat speed limit in coves NO WAKE



The HVLA Board, in order to protect resident property and ensure safety shall control and determine when to open and close the gate valve as needed to allow our lake water to flow out into the Platte River. 


"Open Waters" = Green Flag

All motorized watercraft permitted to run up to a maximum 35 mph top speed No wake speed in all coves.Water level located at the 4.4 and below measurement in the gate valve pit area.


"No Wake Warning" = Yellow Flag

All motorized watercraft shall travel at a no wake speed in all areas of the lake.Water level located above the 4.4 measurement in the gate valve pit area.


"Closed Lake Warning"= Red Flag

No motorized watercraft permitted to run in any part of the lake including the cove areas. Water level located above the 5.5 measurement in the gate valve pit area.


Please note that these warnings may change whenever the Board determines that weather forecasts or safety concerns deem it prudent to do so.


Contact Chris Mellott for approved stickers: Call/text at 531-389-1794 or  (Please bring your Nebraska registration)



  • Boats and Pontoons - Place as far to the rear and as high as possible on both the starboard (right) and portside (left) of the vessel.

  • Personal Water Craft/Jet Skis - Please place as right as possible above the centerline (bumper guard) of your craft, on the rear half. Stickers must be above the waterline when craft is in motion.



The following boat lengths are allowed:

  • Inboard/Outboard: Maximum length of 18 feet (as per manufacturers specified hull length).

  • Inboard: Max length of 20 feet (as per manufacturers specified hull length).

  • Pontoons: Max length of 22 feet (as per manufacturers specified hull length) Max of 40 hp.

  • AWSA Approved Ski Boat List



Some important Nebraska Laws (Click this link for all Nebraska Boating Regulations): 

  • All motorized watercraft MUST have a Nebraska registration and MUST display the current registration numbers on the forward half of the vessel.

  • As of January 1, 2004, any motorboat operator (including personal watercraft) at least 14 but less than 18 must complete a Boating Safety Course and be in possession of a course certificate when operating the boat.

  • Children under 12 years old aboard any vessel must wear a USCG approved Personal Floatation Device (PFD).

  • Sail boats, canoes, rowboats, paddle boats and SWIMMERS always have the right-of-way.

  • Personal watercraft cannot under any circumstances be operated from sunset to sunrise.

  • All boats must use appropriate lights at night.

  • A vessel towing a person on water skis or similar devices carry a bright orange (skier down" flag, at least 12 inches square or at least 144 square inches in size) when a skier is down.

  • Boats must not follow a skier closer than 200 feet

  • Maintain a distance of 50 feet from all shorelines, docks and other watercraft.

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